exhibition: "May we share our minds?"

What we see is from the world we are living in, and yet the outcome of what we are really seeing is a brand new world. Visual images from real life function almost as memories and documents in a distorted reality. We are part of this alien world where the images and sounds, both individually and as a whole, may or may not make sense. 




Art + Music collaborative salon series


Editor's Pick

Tehching Hsieh: Man Doing His Time

"The world is beautiful, and this is everything." - Albert Camus

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Editor's Pick from A Conversation Series




"I started to think if I should continue painting. There are so many new mediums and materials to use these days. My strong attachment to painting makes me want to give more efforts to create something new with it."



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A Conversation Series

MiA Collective Art is a collaborative media platform and project space for artists of inspiring minds. Like the wind that carries the different scents of one million flowers and the bees that fly and gather nectar from various flowers to transform it into honey, it is our mission to create a positive impact on the process of artistic creation. We believe the true contribution art can make to the future of humanity lies in the ability to represent a new meaning of human history in our time. More