Voyage By Yourself

Have you ever traveled alone? I used to do that, and I will always. We, as human-being, have 5 or 6 senses to feel the world around us, but not all those are needed when you are alone.

Based on what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, you can totally draw your own world. The most romantic part of solitary trip is you are able to dive into yourself.

Sailing through a path that you can only follow is what you have to do when you start doubting about it. I have some moments that I love when I am alone.

The first is standing alone and watching people come and go at a train station or in the airport. Some people have tons of butterflies in their stomach, for sure those are mainly coming from the expectation to what they will face in their trip. On the other hand, the others who came back from somewhere are got slow down because of what they left in trip. Those are dramatically different feelings what we can get from trips, but when you watch and read those emotions from stranger, yours will sync with theirs. When your heart pound with excitement and longing for a voyage more and more, you will notice it’s the time you go.

Those moment of time always make me jump into unexpected experiences.

The second is staying quiet and watching out through windows.

Your blank eyes will lead you into the new sceneries. Moreover, that makes you look into something you want to know or don’t even think about. For me, it always brings me what I don’t want to remember. All the mistakes that I made and all the people that I hurt are popped up in that moment, but ironically those processes make me miss the memories so much. Then finally, time flies and I don’t know what I am looking at and what I am thinking about.

I, maybe, love to get on a train for the emptiness and stillness. Tunneling into my memories is the key of my trip.

When people around you wake you up, it is time to be back to reality. Something you want to escape from or you waited for whole your life will be waiting for you. Now it is time to say "Hi, good to be back" or "Bye, I will be back." For me? I am always trying to be in the middle.

It is a different story to MiA’s recent posting. However, for me, it is important to have this moment to think how I have traveled and met people. It "becaus" I have met amazing MiA in my trip.

So, the next follow up will be about how I meet people in the trip.