Fragments of Routine

Writer: Ram Jung

For many years, one of the roles of photography is documenting people’s lives. It has the voice of photographers, and has been made based on its credibility. After the tremendous technical development of photographic tools, the accessibility of camera has been raised up by many devices, especially cellphones. The more photographs are made, the more people wanted make better photographs. Along with those efforts and trials, street photography has gained so much attention. People started to look and enjoy the beauty of their banal life, and document it. Through these processes, lots of great photographers become the teachers, such as Elliot Erwitt, Helen Levitt, Saul Leiter, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, and Henri Cartire-Bresson, for them. I am a big fan of street photography as well.

As a man who loves street photography, I want to share what kinds of beauty I found from my routine. My fascination of photography was began with walking. My journey started in NYC, it is one of the "heavens" for street photographers. One night, I found this amazing thing, which I have never noticed before.

Can’t you see? It could be just a moment, at that time it was something different. I could not stop looking at her eyes, I felt something that I didn’t know. The experience that I had on that night made me thirsty for that moment. It is extremely short, but has strong and intense emotions within the moment.

Eyes are one of the human organs which absorb information. However, it is the only one which can express emotions among sensory organs.

All the emotions are drawn on your eyes, and are keep talking to the world. It is just like broadcasting your own emotions to the world until someone has answers for it.

Here, I have a suggestion for you. It is kind of similar to my last posting. Whenever you are trapped in a busy situation, try to look around you. If you have enough patient and look carefully, I bet you will have you own orchestra.