Guy Ben-Ner: Artist and Member of Social Community

In “Guy Ben-Ner: Self-Portrait as a Family Man” by Sergio Edelsztein, Edelsztein addresses Ben-Ner’s concerns about his position as an artist and at the same time as a father. Instead of chosen being an artist who is a part of his family, Ben-Ner decided to be a good father. Moreover, he decided to create his own studio and works in his house. As a result, “Moby Dick” is the great example of his decision.

“Moby Dick” is a direct remake of Herman Melville’s story of hunting the whale. Depicting the story in Ben-Ner’s narrative, he pushed all the potential sources that he had and could encounter in his mundane life to their limit. For example, reading in the kitchen, that set up the kitchen as a bar inside of a ship is his gesture to express the idea. As a viewer, the quality of created space depiction was quite amazing, it gave enough information for the viewers to understand.

During the process of making this work, Ben-Ner had faced various challenges, one of the them was selecting the cast. Regarding his working situation, Ben-Ner’s had came up with the idea of mixing the real life father, the artist, and his daughter, who also had participated in his film. Not only she perfectly performed her role, but also she understood her role, which added a soul to his film. Acting is the most common way how children would play, because to children there is no actual acting involved.

There is no doubt, everyone could think this simple idea, but no one could do like what Ber-Ner did.

In a sense, “Moby Dick” could read as an interesting film about the re-interpretation of the original novel. However, this work is a great interpretation of social structure and the process of socialization of human beings. The system of socialization is consisted to be educations and experiences. A family, the smallest society unit, the parents are the first ones teach their children how to perceive their environment. To make that happen, parents give awards and punishments. I believe the great way of learning is definitely try to enjoy the process of what you do.

Enjoying the process and having great joy in the process are all expressed in this film. Ben-Ner did an utterly brilliant job in his film as an artist, who is working in a family boundary.

Ben-Ner’s works give me lots of questions such as what is art in mundane life? What makes something that we can called as an art? How did art get the position as part of the human society today? Why are some of the art strongly related to the social matters? How dose an artist take a position as a member in the contemporary society?


Guy Ben-Ner Moby Dick 1

Guy Ben-Ner Moby Dick 2