We Are Not Different

When I was in the world of photography for the first time, I was fascinated by the works of photo journalists. I admire their works and efforts, and respect what they have done for the world. In the world of democracy, the most important role of the press and journalists is witnessing the events and happenings with their coolest and the most honest eyes. With those facts, they experienced and documented, they provide important information to the members of the society, so that they can exercise their rights to elect right representatives. I wanted to be one of them who can speak for someone who doesn’t have a voice or know how to speakout to the world. I don’t know I am still on the way to be the one, or totally out of way. However, I still jump into the events, and try to respect what they want to say. Moreover, I make my efforts to speak for them through my visual language.

These images that I'm showing now is from a protest happened in September 2011 in Zuccotti Park located in NYC Wall Street financial district. I was there at that time, day and night. I talked to people, shared ideas and opinions. Unfortunately, the result of the protest was not successful, but it brought up the issues of the polarization of wealth at least. They talked about the issues of the United States, but those are happening all over the world. I would like to ask you not giving an answer to solve this problem, but a moment to think what we live with in this critical era. The first step of changing or solving matters in our society is wondering what is happening around us. We are informed by the great men who were revered to do the right thing. Please do not step back or close your eyes and ears in front of someone who is asking you to look at them. Open your heart, listen to your neighbors and share your thoughts with them. It is time for us to do it now.