A Happy Story

I don’t remember when was the first time I felt the someone's emotions by looking that person's back. However, it is definite that I am in love with looking at people's back. And the obvious thing of looking at the back of a person is that it makes me feel sorrow and loneliness.

If you have waited for someone, you may know what I feel in that moment of time. Staying behind one always reminds me when I waited for someone that I didn’t even know he or she would come. However, I knew that there was nothing, except waiting. Waiting continuously pushed the limit of my patience. After all, it would maximize the sadness from being abandoned or huge happiness from finally being with someone. Whenever I see someone stays for a while, I cannot resist to walk by. It is because he or she reminds me about myself from the time when I was abandoned.

I found her in front of a fence of Washington Square Park in NYC, and she stood still about 5 minutes.

Did she miss someone?

Did she cry?

I don’t even know because I was behind her. Someone could say she might have a warm smile on her face, but I imagined she was in sad. Don’t worry I am not a pessimist. Nevertheless, I automatically wrote a tragic story and made her an actress of it.

It was about her sorrow, memories she missed too much, and all the things that she can’t have once again.

In the end? It’s all about myself and the story from my past.