ARTIST | Woo Ram Jung

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在这个过程中,我开始思考“我为什么要拍摄这些时刻?” 而这个问题延伸出去,其实就是“艺术究竟是什么?我们为什么要创作?”



“艺术不是为了感兴趣。艺术需要引出哲学问题,即使我们不知道这问题是不是哲学的。在作品和观众互相映射的过程中,这些问题来了又去。一定有什么在此过程中发生。它们也许是诗意的,也许是更加复杂的。” ——安尼施 卡普尔




I have always been thinking what makes me happy and interesting about my life. It’s high and mighty to say, but this is my life. I don’t try my best to get what I want. That’s why I’m looking for something constantly, which could make me feel passionated for it.

Along with my journey to find “something”, I have tried lots of things, especially architectural design. However, it turned out this is not the “something” I was looking for. Then, I started photography, it came to me as an addiction that I never experienced before and I couldn’t take the control of it. As a big fan of photo journalism, I had begun my photo shoots, and the desire leaded me to do the street photography later on.

An extraordinary moment of mundane life was absolutely the thing I dived into. I walked around and shot for a whole day, processed and scanned the negatives. It was a tough and tiring process, but I couldn’t help it, I knew this was what I love to do.

It was the moment I began to think about the question: “Why do I shoot this?” This question evolved into other questions such as “what is art? Why did you make this art?”

One answer I have now is that art is a form of communications. An artist tells a story and an idea in his or her own language. Not only it is all about the artist, but also the art works are the reflection of the artist. All we have to do as viewers is trying to listen, to see and to feel what they are saying.

Furthermore, art is not about right or wrong, so no matter what you could experience from the art, it is not wrong. Nevertheless, an artist is not free from the questions that start with "why" again.

I do work to find the answer for those questions, and ask myself “Am I dying for this?”

“Art is not to be interested. Art has to provoke philosophical questions, even if we don’t know the question is philosophical. In that process of reflection between the works and viewers, this is coming and going. Something happens. Maybe it’s poetic. Maybe it’s more complicated.” – Anish Kapoor

Is Kapoor’s opinion right? Agreeable? It is not going to make sense......for all the artists. However, in my opinion, it’s worth to think about his idea. “What is art?” is, maybe, the question that I cannot answer forever, but it is a critical motivation for me at the same time.

SEP, 2015