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City Impression - New York by Gehry

I’ve been looking for a topic to start with the idea of a “City.” It is about either the people living or the stories happening in this city. It is not necessarily about the culture, art, fashion or food. Perhaps, I hope it could be a landmark architecture, a building that often sealed with the city’s past, present and future. 8 Spruce Street, or New York by Gehry, is a new landmark in New York City, not only it represents the city today, but it also symbolizes a brand new generation of the city.

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Sound Artist, Christine Sun Kim - 我们所听到的决定于我们如何倾听

Sound artist Christine Sun Kim utilizes the medium of sound through technology to explore her relationship with sound and her language. Kim expresses the sound she finds in her world in variety of forms: drawing, performance, installation and collaboration.  Perhaps, her definition of sound is unfamiliar to us, and different from the one that we listen, but it is the sound that belongs to her, a true world of sound.

Dear artists, have you thought about why do you make the art that you make today? Maybe we just choose the way we feel and the things we make determines on the world that we live in today.

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Unlimited Ocean 无尽海

When I was a child, I used to be crazy about collecting flower seeds. I wonder why the flower seeds were so attractive to a 6-year-old girl. Maybe, as human being, it's our instinct to love and appreciate the creation of nature. That kind of love is pure, without any desire, and expect nothing in return. When I saw the works of Wolfgang Laib, a serene presence and a reductive beauty, my childhood memories popped up surely and clearly. As we get older, with too many attractions from the society, the pure love and appreciation of ordinary life is fading away. Now we are always looking for a reason to love. If we lose the ability to find the ordinary beauty in nature and life, then what kind of art are we celebrating today?

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MiA Guest Writer: Ziyan | 时间无法磨灭的牵挂

Time and distance does not change a person no matter how far or how long he/she is away from own country. Lou references Dvorak's Symphony No.9 “From The New World” to discuss her opinion. The symphony is dedicated to America by a Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, and he composed the symphony after moving to New York and thinking about his own country. Lou also discusses how she learned the importance of homeland from her own father.

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科技将时间压缩,我们已经不再需要经历一封信从寄出到收到那漫长的等待了, 人和人之间隔着的那段时间已经消失,等待也随之消失。“实时”的通信意味着过去和未来都不复存在 ,剩下的只有现在,怎么长情。所以我们不但善忘,而且善变。

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ARTIST | Grace Noh 盧妵鈴

“The mirror is like a utopia, since it is a placeless place. In the mirror, I see myself there where I am not… It’s an ‘unreal’ space. Also, the mirror is a heteropia as the mirror does exist in reality. It makes this place that I occupy at the moment when I look at myself in the glass at once absolutely real and absolutely unreal.”

- Michel Foucault (1926 – 1984)

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ARTIST | Yichen Zhou 周一辰

Futility, it is hard for us to see the world in a longer duration of time or a wider range of space, longer and wider than our existence. How can we see further and clearer? No matter how hard we try, we always end up in the present. Since we cannot jump out of the time of our existence or life period, then let’s take a serious look at the limitation. The futility is not a pessimistic word right here.

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres 完美的恋人

两个挂在墙中央的时钟,它们的时针分针秒针标注着同一个时间, 它们同步运转着。我们都知道,早晚有一天它们会渐渐脱离同步的轨道,或快或慢或停止,最终指向不同的方向。即使是这世界上最完美的结合,也逃不过时间这看似简单却不可逆转的力量。

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