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City Impression - New York by Gehry

I’ve been looking for a topic to start with the idea of a “City.” It is about either the people living or the stories happening in this city. It is not necessarily about the culture, art, fashion or food. Perhaps, I hope it could be a landmark architecture, a building that often sealed with the city’s past, present and future. 8 Spruce Street, or New York by Gehry, is a new landmark in New York City, not only it represents the city today, but it also symbolizes a brand new generation of the city.

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Sound Artist, Christine Sun Kim - 我们所听到的决定于我们如何倾听

Sound artist Christine Sun Kim utilizes the medium of sound through technology to explore her relationship with sound and her language. Kim expresses the sound she finds in her world in variety of forms: drawing, performance, installation and collaboration.  Perhaps, her definition of sound is unfamiliar to us, and different from the one that we listen, but it is the sound that belongs to her, a true world of sound.

Dear artists, have you thought about why do you make the art that you make today? Maybe we just choose the way we feel and the things we make determines on the world that we live in today.

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“Chasing the Light,逐光之旅”

极地冰山陆续地融化,导致了海平面的上升,艺术家Zaria Forman跟着北极融化的冰水来到了赤道。2013年的9月,她在马尔代夫这个地球上最低的地带创作出一系列新的作品。这一系列的作品是为了纪念和告别这个可能在本世纪内完全降到水下的国家。

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