Artist Wong Ping

"For me, there are no taboos to what to say. Some people ask me if I try to break the taboos through my work. My answer? No, because I do not see them as taboos. So why would I be breaking them?"

MiA Collective Art spent one sunny day with Wong Ping (b.1984), one of Hong Kong's most exciting emerging artists, whose work has been commissioned by M+ and NOWNESS and recently included in 'Songs for Sabotage' at New Museum and 'One Hand Clapping' at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

What is it that makes his animations difficult to resist? Behind the colorfully vibrant and seemingly cheerful imagery, there lies a darker undertone to Wong's animation. Through his observations of contemporary society, Wong skirts the line between shock and humor, granting the glimpses into the deepest and most private traits of human nature and a sense of liberation.