Five Senses of Rain

From life giving as well as death dealing, from a gentle sprinkling to a torrid downpour, rain has magical powers to entwine a multitude of human emotions.

Grace Noh1 Comment
The Past and the Real

Every subject in a photograph is someone’s loved one or at least somebody recognizable in someone else’s memory. Photographs preserve some kind of memory. Memory cannot be seen in photographs, but it can be evoked since photographs are, as Barthes says, “the past and the real” from previous experiences.

City Impression - New York by Gehry

I’ve been looking for a topic to start with the idea of a “City.” It is about either the people living or the stories happening in this city. It is not necessarily about the culture, art, fashion or food. Perhaps, I hope it could be a landmark architecture, a building that often sealed with the city’s past, present and future. 8 Spruce Street, or New York by Gehry, is a new landmark in New York City, not only it represents the city today, but it also symbolizes a brand new generation of the city.