Film Screening of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

The film – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind explores the nature of memory and love through a nonlinear narrative element and asks a number of questions to viewers. Could a spotless mind bring eternal sunshine? If we could control and erase certain memories of our past, would that bring us happiness? 

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Between Senses

MiA Collective Art is pleased to be part of Gallery House's fundraising event, Between Senses, from December 1 - 15, 2016, featuring the recent works of Capucine Gros, Michael Hafftka, Masahito Ono, Hiba Schahbaz,  Steve Schlackman, Martha Skou and Louise Foo, Hung Yi and Chi Zhang.

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2016 Beijing Design Week

MiA Collective Art is pleased to present a video art exhibition CONCEPT NOW in this year's Beijing Design Week from September 23 to October 7, 2016. The exhibition will present the works by eight emerging artists, Haley Bueschlen, Alison Chen, Alicia Eggert, Leif Huron, MarieVic, Yi Xin Tong, Qi You, and Yichen Zhou.

MiA: Beijing Station:: First Chapter

MiA: Beijing Station:: First Chapter, the first exhibition featuring a selection of key bodies of work of Ram Jung, Grace Noh, Masahito Ono, Chi Zhang, and Yichen Zhou was on display September 19 – October 16, 2015 at DDC in Beijing.

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