Between Senses


MiA Collective Art is pleased to be part of Gallery House's fundraising event, Between Senses, from December 1 - 15, 2016, featuring the recent works of Capucine Gros, Michael Hafftka, Masahito Ono, Hiba Schahbaz,  Steve Schlackman, Martha Skou and Louise Foo,Hung Yi and Chi Zhang. 

Working with MiA Collective Art and Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA), Gallery House aims to raise the awareness of the missions of the participating organizations and, in particular, the ideas pressing our world through between senses. Through complex systems of senses, humans are connected not only to each other but also to everything existing in the world. In a larger conception, senses are not confined only to the feelings and thoughts; they also exist between creative tension and harmony of artistic collaboration. The inextricable link between senses and memories serve as a powerful narrative and expressive tools of human stories.  As a collaborative project of the creative minds of art and design, Between Senses invites everyone to be part of a sensory journey through the carefully selected and curated works of art and designs. 


Title: Between Senses

Date: Thursday December 1 - 15, 2016

Location: Gallery House, 272 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205

Receptions: Opening on Thursday, December 1, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM & Closing on Thursday, December 15, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (hours are tentative)

Artists: Capucine Gros, Michael Hafftka, Masahito Ono, Hiba Schahbaz,  Steve Schlackman, Martha Skou and Louise Foo, and Chi Zhang.


Participating Organizations

Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA)

MiA Collective Art

Technological Support by Orangenius

Special Performance by Innuan


Capucine Gros is a Switzerland-born artist who grew up in France and China. Capucine has completed projects breaching in and out of the art world, from screen-printing workshops in public schools in Savannah, GA, to year-long performances recording her interactions with others as well as life-long paintings or annual hand-made books. In 2011, she completed a residency at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NY. She has participated in several group exhibitions around the world and noteworthy solo exhibitions include the 2012 “Little Thank You Show” at the Creative Coast Gallery, Savannah, GA, in which she created a site-specific installation hand-producing and writing 360 letters to exhibition visitors and neighbors, known or unknown. She now lives and works in New York.

Michael Hafftka is an internationally acclaimed visual artist. His artworks are in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and many more. Hafftka has a way with paint and he can pace his sometimes very large paintings in such a way that we want to see what will happen next. John Russell from The New York Times commented, "Hafftka's explorations are so profound and his presentation of them is so strong that they take on the character of myth." Among the New York galleries that subsequently have featured his work are: the Rosa Esman Gallery, the Aberbach Gallery, the Mary Ryan Gallery, and the DiLaurenti Gallery. He has also exhibited widely in the United States and abroad. Hafftka lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Masahito Ono is an artist whose aspiration to produce art emerged from his previous work as a video journalist, where every news item and image becomes a fast-cycle product and its value is often determined by its salability. From this accelerated speed, he aspired to now produce a work of art that can retain the significance of its existence over time, a work in which to gain a long life by living and passing in the present moment at a slower pace relative to the actual passing of time and all the other beings. Ono’s practice explores a wide range of storytelling through incorporating sculpture and installation into photography and video, and introduces duration of time in his work. Ono received his MFA in Photography and Related Media at Parsons School of Design in 2015 and has showcased his works internationally with two solo exhibitions in Tokyo and a number of group exhibitions worldwide. Ono has studied in Sweden, Japan, and the United States and currently lives and works in New York. 

Hiba Schahbaz is a Brooklyn-based artist who works in the centuries-old art form of miniature painting. She was trained in miniature painting at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan and received her MFA in Painting from Pratt Institute in New York. Working with imagery developed by men to tell the stories of antiquity, Schahbaz aims to challenge the inflexible rules of miniature painting and recontextualize the art form to accept and embrace a female perspective. She uses the female figure to unfold a narrative that transcends cultural and political boundaries. Although the protagonist in the work is the artist herself, she also carries a dual, existential meaning. Schahbaz often uses the female form as a tool, portraying thoughts and concerns from social-cultural and political realms. 

Steve Schlackman is a photographer and lawyer with a unique perspective on art and law. His interest in multi-faceted world of image-making showed in the diversity of classes he has attended at International Center for Photography in the early 2000s. His latest series depict Havana's cityscape in 2011, the very year when Castro retired from political life. When he was invited to shoot behind-the-scenes in Cuba for a long-term video project, Sschlackman took this opportunity to explore the Cuban way of life. The omnipresent tension between the poor neighborhoods of the Cuban capital, as a result of political dictatorship, and the rich Afro-Cuban cultural roots of their inhabitants, whose wealth is represented by their music and feelings, is physically visible in the artist's use of a metaphoric touch on the subject of the light and darkness of the Afro-Cuban heritage.

Martha Skou and Louise Foo are Danish born visual artists and musicians. Collectively they have been developing a series of installations, centering around transitions between image and sound. Using digital technology and analog techniques, they explore the potential of visual interfaces as a means for for the audience to interact intuitively with sound. Format No. 1, consists of spacial installations and visual compositions, coupled with an iPhone application that uses the iPhone camera to interpret visual data as sound. Martha Skou holds an MFA in Visual Communication from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. Louise Foo holds an MPS degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. 

Hung Yi is an acclaimed contemporary artist from Taichung, Taiwan, whose works are inspired by Taiwanese culture and everyday lives of people in Taiwan. Yi observes and is inspired by his surroundings and life experiences. In bold, lively constructions, Hung Yi's unique steel sculptures are whimsical with vibrant hues. During his early period of artistic career, Yi mainly created works in which cartoons and sketches were combined based on careful and abundant observations. Yi has gained notoriety for the paradoxical dichotomy of his work that employs traditional motifs juxtaposed with hints of the spectacle of modern visual culture. In 2000, he began working on public art (sculptures), mainly under the themes of exaggerated human or animals. Since then, in somewhat a simple method of expression, Yi has been creating works in bright colors that are observed in traditional Taiwanese patterns. His works have been displayed in numerous public spaces in Taiwan and around the world, including New York City.

Chi Zhang is a visual artist whose artistic creations of simple two-dimensional objects that reference images of three-dimensional structures are based on her early years of inspiration from her architect father. In order to explore how different dimensional forms change the same structure, Zhang uses photographs and drawings of architecture and reduce the complexity of the original structure. Each transformation becomes an abstraction derived from the original structure; eventually the complex structure will be minimized and presented in its simplest form. Her bodies of work not only reveal her personal memories, but also extend her knowledge of China’s economic development over the last decade. Zhang received her MFA in Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts in 2013. She lives and works in Beijing.


About Gallery House

Gallery House is a unique, private gallery space that is used to host exhibitions for artists and fundraising events for charitable organizations involved. The space is a historical brownstone dating back to 1877, meticulously restored and is now used to gather and communicate ideas through art, music and other types of artistic expression. Gallery House is part of the Clinton Hill program of the DGT Foundation, Inc. and dedicates itself to sharing ideas pressing our world today by giving back to the local community.

Letter Boxes Project

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, there will be a special project that encourages the participation of all visitors. This newly developed project, Letter Boxes, is an experimental collaboration and interaction with the general public. Two boxes, one reads “to send” and the other reads “to respond”, are presented with the same colored and types of pen and paper. The project gives the opportunity to the participant to write a letter to someone who he or she wishes to write to. The rule is to stay anonymous without addressing the names of the sender and receiver. The letter will be put into the “to send” box and be shared with the general public. Anyone can read the letter and if the reader is fond of the letter, he or she may take the letter with him or her. The only rule of taking the letter is to write a new letter and put into the “respond” box. Through this endless cycle of interactions and exchanges of words and thoughts of strangers, the Letter Box project aims to refresh our vision and influence one to another to see the world in new ways.

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