MiA: Beijing Station:: First Chapter

MiA: Beijing Station:: First Chapter, the first exhibition featuring a selection of key bodies of work of Ram Jung, Grace Noh, Masahito Ono, Chi Zhang, and Yichen Zhou was on display September 19 – October 16, 2015 at DDC in Beijing.

Established in New York in 2014, MiA is an artist collective by young, emerging artists in a wide range of artistic fields ranging from photography, film, painting, installation, performance, to philosophy. Having Jung and Noh from Korea, Ono from Japan, and Zhang and Zhou from China, the five individuals share intertwining backgrounds culturally, historically, geographically, and, most importantly, artistically. They have their own stories that have brought them to New York and where they are now. The artists with dreams, passion, and minds of explorers have naturally met one another and formed both personal and artistic bond to influence and motivate each other to the next level of artistic foundation difficult to accomplish alone.

MiA’s vision is to create collaborative projects both within and outside the group to construct artistic dialogue to the society, bringing together various ideas, artistic practices, and media beyond each other’s familiar fields as well as to provide general public a moment to ponder upon and question about artistic creation in present world. From its first collaborative trip to China, Japan, and Korea where the five artists are originally from, MiA continuous to work together to inspire and be inspired for new collaborative projects including “MiA Project” on WeChat dedicated to share and expand the context of contemporary art in writing.

Like passengers on a train moving from one station to another and meeting strangers on the way, Jung, Noh, Ono, Zhang, and Zhou have just begun their journey as a group with a blank notebook in their hands.  MiA: Beijing Station:: First Chapter was an exciting and meaningful exhibition that marks the beginning of MiA’s journey forward.

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