Collaborative Exhibition: May We Share Our Minds?

May We Share Our Minds?  exhibition view, 2017.

May We Share Our Minds? exhibition view, 2017.

Opening Saturday, December 2, 5:30 - 9:00 pm
Live music performance at 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm

John Doe, 112 Waterbury St, Brooklyn 11206

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MiA Collective Art is pleased to present May We Share Our Minds?, a collaborative project between Simona Prives, Shiuan Chang and Grace Noh, on view from December 2 - 17, 2017 at John Doe Gallery. The opening takes place on Saturday, December 2 with a live music performance at 6:30pm and 8:00pm as part of the exhibition

Let’s suppose you enter a room where you see nothing but an endless loop of images and sounds rather in an uncanny way. Layers of images in motion project around you and the corresponding sounds fill the space as your eyes and ears begin to get adjusted to the place. What you see and hear may not be your own, but slowly they begin to trigger your own memories and connect your mind to this bizarre space.

This collaborative exhibition, May We Share Our Minds?, demands the presence of thoughts and instincts that rise from the viewer’s very own experience. The exhibition provides an environment where the viewer can fully immerse oneself surrounded by the overwhelming size of visual projection and sounds. The projected visual images are real places of our time in collage-like distorted, and somewhat controlled, forms accompanied by sounds that communicate with the images.

The artist, Simona Prives, observes the real, physical places of her surroundings and creates digital collages that go through the process of decomposition and reconstruction similar to how memories function. The images appear and disappear and get reconstructed in no logical order. The composer, Shiuan Chang, creates the musical piece in collaboration with Prives, using both musical instruments and daily objects of his surroundings. From two individuals sharing their minds, the images and sounds organically spread and trigger the viewer to stay connected to the space.

The exhibition project idea began with curator Grace Noh’s fascination in creating a space of distorted reality of thoughts and memories that every viewer can connect oneself to. What we see is from the world we are living in, and yet the outcome of what we are really seeing is a brand new world. Visual images from real life function almost as memories and documents in a distorted reality. We are part of this alien world where the images and sounds, both individually and as a whole, may or may not make sense. 


Special thanks to the musicians Carlos Cordeiro (clarinet), Geoff Landman (saxophone), Sebastian Bäverstam (cello) and the dancer Sabine Dworak-de Vries for their contributions to the exhibition. 


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